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Job Descriptions and Procedures

The job descriptions and procedures shown here are generic and will probably need to be modified to fit your particular needs. Click on the links below to view the descriptions. If you need any additional help in modifying the descriptions, please give us a call or email.

OJT Trainer Description

OJT Training Coordinator / Administrator Job Description

OJT Standard Operating Procedure




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JOB TITLE:                      OJT Trainer / Operator

PRIMARY FUNCTION:  Train new, entry-level or transferred employees in the operation of plant/department equipment and production skills.

OTHER FUNCTIONS:    Assist in developing and delivery of other training, i.e.: quality,  problem solving  and continuous improvement training, production work as required.

REPORTS TO:                 Foreman.

EQUIPMENT USED:      All tools and equipment used in the operator production jobs in assembly.  May have to utilize training manuals, TV/VCR/overhead projector, personal computer, miscellaneous office equipment and clerical supplies, and safety equipment as required, etc.



1.   Primary responsibility will be to oversee and implement the OJT program for employees. This includes training and observation of trainees with respect to their performance against established training objectives and recommendation of additional skill requirements as training needed.  (This position is not responsible for recommending or implementing disciplinary action due to job performance.)

2.   Develop OJT training programs and participate on teams developing training plans and OJT programs.

3.   Assist in developing general training instructions, checklists and visual aids.

4.   Conduct new employee orientation, on-the-job/classroom training and certification.  Follow up on a regular, planned schedule to answer questions and verify proficiency.

5.   Conduct cross training and certification and periodic re-certification as required.   Support workers who have questions or need additional assistance in understanding their job responsibilities. 

6.   Maintain files of training materials.  Maintain organized log(s) of all training conducted.

7.   During non-training or non-production periods, the OJT trainer may be called upon to perform in other capacities such as:  working on problem solving, continuous improvement or safety programs; cross training of operators; performing technical checks on equipment; assist with training programs in other departments; check for correct procedure and accuracy; and assist in general housekeeping activities.

8.    Some classroom training (groups not to exceed 5 employees) may be periodically required.

9.    Periodic attendance at training seminars, of which some will require out of town or overnight arrangements.

10.  Perform all training in full compliance with all company, state and/or federal safety and environmental regulations.

11.  Notify designated personnel of any irregularities in materials, process, or equipment.

12.  Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of assigned area(s) and observe company policies at all times.



Must demonstrate: 1) Recognized leadership ability and strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to effectively work with and train other employees.  2) The ability to read, write and perform basic computer operations.



1. High school diploma required, education beyond high school preferred. 

2. Previous training experience preferred. 

3. Previous experience in operator or  line work in a production environment strongly desired.  


(OJT-JBDS(10/12/2004)  Copyright 2004, IDA                                       


Job Titles:

Training Coordinator /

Training Assistant /

Training Documentation Specialist


Job Description:

As the Training Documentation Specialist you will be responsible for processing and entering all training documentation forms into the Training documentation system, verifying training documentation entry and filing documentation.  You will also be responsible for creating required training modules, courses and curricula concerning the Training Documentation System and teaching them to appropriate personnel as required following the established guidelines and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance. You will process and verify all Training Curriculum Change Forms for the site and maintain the link between regulated documents and the training documentation system to ensure information is accurate and correct. You will handle and maintain logs for documentation (hard copy and electronic) coming into the department, identify areas of improvement and assist in planning and implementing system changes to eliminate problems.  You will also assist the Manager, Training Documentation and the Training Database Administrator in data management of system and projects as requested.



High School graduate, Associate Degree preferred. Excellent computer database, customer service skills, and experience with documentation systems required. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. You must be highly organized, as well as, have the ability to interact with all levels of staff. You will have previous experience in the administrative field with 2-5 years of related experience. Candidate must have the ability to communicate orally and in writing. Must be a self -starter, highly motivated, organized and able to prioritize.



PO BOX 457, SHARON, MA 02067


© 2004, IDA







NOTE: Attachments are not shown - they are checklists or forms listing employee training.




1.1 This procedure will provide the guidelines necessary to ensure that employees are adequately trained to perform their responsibilities.


1.2 Where training programs are necessary, the Company will ensure that they are suitably provided and documented.


2.0   SCOPE

2.0 This procedure applies to all Company employees working in the facility.



3.1 Each manager will ensure that adequate training is provided and documentation guidelines are followed.


3.2 Each manager will select a designated individual to interface with production control and notify department trainers, team leaders and / or management of any documentation revisions that require retraining.


3.3 Each manager may select an appropriate number of department trainers to ensure employees are adequately trained.

3.3.1 Each selected department trainer shall go through the approved OJT training program.


3.4 Each Company employee is responsible to notify his or her manager if training has not been given or is inappropriate to adequately perform his or her job.



4.1 Attachment I, Job Skills Training Checklist.(this is the job checklist)


4.2 OJT Update Form (a listing of the latest OJT checklist dates / revisions)


4.3 Training Attendance Form (form with dates / hours / signature of attendance at training)




5.0     APPROACH

5.1 Training will be divided into two skill categories, Job skills and Other skills, each having its own training and documentation procedures as identified in this procedure.


5.2 As applicable, employees will be trained and tracked utilizing either a Job Skills Training Checklist or the Training Attendance Form for other skills training.


5.3 OJT Job Skills:  Focuses on general and technical skills specific to an individuals' job and/or department, and taught through OJT training methods or other non-classroom training methods, i.e. Accounts Payable, Component assembly, Customer Service, machine operation.


5.4 Other Skills:  Focuses on skills acquired through in-house classroom training programs, seminars, or education programs, i.e. CNC programming, ISO, Safety, Product training.




6.0     JOB SKILLS

6.1 Training and documentation of job skills will be conducted as follows:


6.2 OJT trainer will be responsible for designing a Job Skills Training checklist to be utilized during training and serve as documentation of the training.


6.3 Each training checklist should reflect those skills specific to the applicable department procedures.


6.4 Attachments are examples of appropriate Job Skills Training checklist.


6.5 Job Skills training may be conducted by one or more of the following personnel:  Department designated trainers or Team Leaders


6.6 Department trainers will be selected based on job performance, technical expertise, people skills and attitude.


6.7 In addition to receiving training and acquiring proficiency in department job skills, all company trainers will go through approved train-the-trainer seminars and training programs to develop their training and leadership skills.


6.8 OJT trainers will be responsible for training employees within their department and ensuring current procedures are present and being followed.


6.9 Trainers will utilize the appropriate Job Skills Training checklist as a training guideline to ensure that each employee consistently receives training to accurately perform his/her job.

6.10 As training is received and proficiency is obtained, both employees and trainer will provide signatures and / or initials to the Job Skills Training Record indicating proficiency.


6.11 Proficiency is reached when the employee can comfortable engage in the operation on their own, meeting quality standards set within the department.


6.12 As signatures are documented on the Job Skills Training Record, the trainer will make a copy and forward to Human Resources for filing.  The original will remain in the department until all training checklists have been completed.


6.13 When the Job Skills Training checklist is completed, the original will be sent to Human Resources for filing.


6.14 PROCEDURE REVISIONS: A department designated individual as stated in 3.2 will notify trainers of procedure revisions requiring training.  Retraining may be initiated at any time at the discretion of the trainer in cooperation with the department manager.


            6.14.1 The trainers will provide appropriate training to all affected personnel and document training utilizing the appropriate tracking form.


6.14.2 All training tracking forms will be forwarded to Human Resources for filing.



7.1 Other Skills training can be conducted in a variety of ways: in-house by in-house trainers or consultants, outside seminars, workshops, or education classes.


7.2 The appropriate training tracking form will be used with accompanied curriculum, certificates or records as documentation of Other Skills training.


7.3  In-house trainers conducting Other Skills training will ensure that the appropriate training tracking form is utilized and forwarded to Human Resources.


7.4  The Company personnel coordinating in-house Other Sills training will ensure that the appropriate training tracking form is utilized and forward to Human Resources.


7.5  All Company employees receiving Other Skills training through outside sources will also utilize the appropriate training tracking form and forward it to Human Resources with all accompanied documentation.

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